About Us

The Sahar Magazine is an independent, nonprofit, quarterly magazine curated by a group of writers, artists and thinkers across India and outside it. Bringing together people from a wide range of domains like literature, political science, science and philosophy, we intend to curate writings and artworks that can bring new insights into important social, political and cultural topics based on factual knowledge and a personal passion, and initiate open-ended and mindful conversations capable of bringing a collective change.




Managing Editor

Sameer Ahmed Ansari


Abhigyan, Aravind

Contributing Writers

Adarsh, Aradhya, Ashida, Brishni, Mohamad Krishna, Pranav K, Sanjana, Taniya Tomar, Vaibhav Jaiswal, Yograj

Graphic Designers

Aradhya, Khushboo, Rythmn Sachdeva

PR Experts

Deepak Yadav, Divyanshi Mahawar, Farhan Aziz Laskar, Rahul Yadav, Sukriti

Research Experts

Rishala, Yograj

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