Write for Us

The theme for our second issue is ‘North-East India’

What we’re looking for:

  • Poems, personal essays, short stories or anecdotes, related to any social, political or cultural topic
  • A personal take on political or current events
  • Discussions on any subject or issues related to politics, culture, nature, mental health, education, philosophical establishments, gender, science and economics
  • Reviews of movies and TV shows
  • Photo stories and visual art

Guidelines and additional information:

  • Submissions for successive editions of the magazine are required to be theme-specific {theme mentioned at the top}. However, submissions for the Web Exclusives can be based on any theme of the artist’s choice.
  • Deadline for submissions for our second edition: 30th November 2023.
  • For submissions for Web Exclusives, there is no deadline. You can send us your submissions throughout the year.
  • Send your submissions to saharnewsletter@gmail.com.
  • The word limit for write-ups is 3000 words.
  • Attach Word files/Google Drive files of your submissions to the email. Please do not submit PDFs.
  • Add a 4-5 line description of your piece in the email, explaining why you created it, how it’s relevant or interesting and what makes you the right person to create it.
  • Add a 2-3 line description of yourself, talking about who you are, your affiliation with any university, institution or organisation and your qualifications and publications, if any.
  • For photo stories and visual art, please send the files attached to the email separately as well, along with Word/Google Drive files.
  • We encourage fact-based and well-researched write-ups, so add citations and references to all sources as much as possible.
  • We do not accept plagiarised pieces. If your pieces are found to be plagiarised, you’ll be given a warning the first time and banned the next time.
  • We do not accept pieces that are published elsewhere already. If your submitted piece gets published anywhere, inform us immediately.
  • If your submission is chosen, we will respond to you regarding the selection. We are not a large team, so we will be unable to respond to those whose submissions haven’t been chosen.
  • Depending upon your submission, we will decide whether to post it on our website and social media pages or publish it in our magazine. The editor’s word is final. By giving us your articles, artwork, etc, you agree that we have the right to post or publish it with proper credits.